Pipette Tips

There is simply no comparison to a Biopointe pipette tip, available in a variety of packaging configurations, our lines of precision, filtered, and total defence provide a complete solution for every pipetting need.

  1. Precision pipette
  2. Filtered pipette
  3. Total Defence pipette 




PCR Tubes

Suitable for Real-time PCR, these ultra-clear, thin-walled, and uniformly thick tubes provide efficient and homogeneous heat transfer ensuring consistent reliable amplifications.

PCR Plates

Featuring easy to read, alphanumeric markings, our PCR plates provide rapid, even heat transfer for consistently reliable amplifications, raised rimmed wells enhance the sealing surface and help eliminate edge effects such as thermal gradients and evaporation rates.



96-Well plates

Ergonomically designed and solidly constructed, Biopointe Scientific 96-Well and Deepwell plates provide easy and efficient sample handling, storage and transport.

Microcentrifuge tubes

Designed with an extra thick-wall and a precision sealing system, Biopointe Scientific Microcentrifuge Tubes provide maximum sample stability during centrifugation, and prevent evaporation, leakage and accidental opening.

Other Products