A gel documentation with a built-in LCD screen. This means the image will be pictured right away on the screen. The Gel Documentation System is easy to operate with simple and intuitive software. It works with a computer under MS Windows® operating system and the camera can be controlled by the computer. It is an ideal system for research environments with a large number of users and can satisfy the demanding requirements in the area of quantitative and qualitative analysis of electrophoresis gel.


Camera 8bit, 0.4M pixels Monochrome CCD Camera
PC Interface BNC
Lens type 6x motorized zoom
Dark room Light, UV safety shutoff, free from dust and shake
Filter Standard F590 filters with layer coating
Operation Panel Full function control panel for zoom, focus, Iris and illuminator
Display Panel Built-in LCD screen
UV Tramsilluminator Built-in transilluminator with area: 21 cm x 26 cm, wavelength 312 nm (254 nm, 365 nm selectable)
Software Gel Imaging System has the function of database, image capture, image edit and image analysis
Power 110/220V


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